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Born 1969 England. Arrived in Australia 1972. Single. No children. Partially disabled from severe osteoporosis, pituitary gland tumor (benign), myopathy and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hypermobile in every joint). 18 yrs caring for my quadriplegic cerebral palsy friend, Rob. Ceramic artist www.sam-davies.blogspot.com

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pen Battle

Below I do battle with a pen but triumph and place my "X" which, for some bizzare reason, is legal where my fingerprint isn't. Go figure.
Here we go.

Step 1:
Grip pen from left hand with the
right's fingers. I have no choice but to look away as
my body has a life of it's own.


Step 2:
Wrestle pen from a stubborn left leaving scribblemarks on my t-shirt. But no matter have learnt towear dark clothes when
doing this.


Step 3:
Right hand triumps!!
Ready. Aim. "X". And kept that paper steady, Sam.

Step 4:
Successfully kept "X" on the line.
Thankfully, I've enough gross motor control
of my hands to accomplish this fete. Once the left hand
released the pen I could then look where I needed to
place the pen.
Take it away, please, and give me the next document...after wiping my brow.



Tuesday, December 11, 2012

But first let me introduce you to our three dogs. Left to Right: Russell, Harry and Lola. Sitting contently in the back of our vehicle during the 4000km September trip from the N.T. Australia to N.S.W. Australia.

Huddled together acclimatising to the refreshing chilly weather.
Click on images to enlarge.

Russell and Lola dressed in their winter gear
"Russell" -  Jack Russell Terrier
"Harry" - English Pointer

"Lola" - Miniature Pinscher Cross

Belly tickle
Half asleep between my back and head rest.


I love you too